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The digital music market is a tough market to get into. The barriers to entry are high, and the competition is fierce. For a brand new artist, it can be almost impossible to get noticed, but there is a way of getting around this. What if there was a way to get your songs heard by millions of people without even playing a show or having a record deal? Well, there is.

Massive Step for the Past Decades

The digital music industry has evolved over the last few decades, but the industry is still struggling to make ends meet.

Today’s music market is based on three main revenue streams: free streaming sites like Spotify and YouTube, paid subscriptions like Apple Music and Deezer, and digital downloads.

It’s the New Era of Music Entertainment

Among music streaming services available, the largest music streaming service is Spotify, with over 100 million active subscribers, which equates to roughly one fifth of the world population. YouTube is the second most popular source of music streaming content.