Apple Music into Android Phone

Apple Music’s next beta version is going out on Android, including an essential update to the widgets’ home screen and probably the name of Apple’s independent legendary genre app that is reliable on Primephonic.

Apple Music Improved Widgets

In such a long time frame, Apple Music owned two Android widgets. They’ve had their bulky padding at the border taken out in version 3.9, giving them chance to take up a lot screen/widget space. Upon scaling, the widget of the “Apple Music Player” is wider and taller, while “Apple Music Recently Played” gives more options. The grid that displays recent tracks comes handy in 32 and 31 sizes, having the upper half getting bigger as well.

The other big change is that both backgrounds of the widgets are now highly connected to the album artwork for the updated song. It converts back to the old red/pink tint when nothing is playing.

These widgets are present in beta and includes variations in visual flaws, including corners with sharp properties that vary depending on the setup. Before Apple Music 3.9 is released — probably in March with iOS 15.4 — this issue should be rectified.


Apple purchased Primephonic in August of last year to enhance its streaming service’s legendary music capabilities. Right after some time, the music app was shut down, and present members were transferred to Apple Music. This was until the new Apple app was up and coming in early 2022.

The Apple Music beta actually has a string that displays the word “Apple Classical” and the impending selection to open suitable music directly in the optimized service as the deadline is going near.