Car Wraps: Moving Musical Instruments

If an instrument is damaged or even broken on the way to the gig, it can be really bitter. In addition to the safety of your gear, there are other aspects that you should consider when transporting it.

Car wraps long island: Pack your equipment safely

If you want to have fun with your equipment for a long time and want to make sure that everything still works when you arrive at a show, you should secure your equipment accordingly during transport. Soft and hard versions of transport protection are available for instruments. Just like you protect your vehicle with car wraps long island, you must move your musical instruments safely on the road.

Bags and cases for musical instruments

car wraps long island

Bags undeniably have certain advantages. Not only are they usually cheaper than good suitcases and flight cases, but they are also lighter, easier to stow away and, thanks to shoulder straps, easy to transport. This is particularly useful if you are travelling by public transport. They also offer a lot in terms of protection. High-quality gig bags are well padded, additionally reinforced in particularly stressed areas and protect against the weather. This means that they are completely sufficient if you transport your instrument yourself, as long as there is no risk of getting caught between other heavy equipment and being exposed to strong impacts.

With heavy loads, a bag can no longer offer sufficient protection. You should urgently think about sturdy cases or even more robust flight cases.

Pedalboards, which in turn are packed in bags or cases, not only offer good protection for your pedals and the cables connected to them. They can also greatly simplify the construction.

The following applies to drummers. For transport, you should always unscrew the cymbals and put them in a cymbal bag or a cymbal case. A bag or case provided for this purpose is also recommended for the hardware. With a blanket, you can also prevent the hardware from scratching each other. To protect the drums themselves, you can also buy special bags, suitcases or a flight case.

Take care of your safety, musical instruments and car wraps long island

Who doesn’t know this? The car is loaded to the roof with equipment, maybe one or the other band member is buried under the stuff. Of course, not only the safety of your instruments is important during transport, but also your own safety. So always make sure that you secure your instruments in the car accordingly.