Music Festivals Worth Going

Music festivals have exploded in popularity over the last 20 years, providing us music fans with yet another reality to explore. Our world has gone from a few festivals per year to one every weekend during the season. We dwell in such a vibrant era, brimming with talent and imagination.

Regardless if you are an adventurous explorer, a free-spirited traveler, or a Spring Breaker looking for a good time, there are events all around the world that will deliver good and greatest music.

Amazing Music Festivals to Go To

Here is the list of some biggest music events that you must attend.

Splendor in the Grass

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

Splendor in the Grass has become something of an Australian institution after nearly two decades. Thirty thousand people visit North Byron Highlands every year for three days of great music (which include big-name performances), art, and camping. The venue itself is large, with some stages being 20 minutes apart.


Location: Cuautla, Mexico

People, Bahidorá is a twenty-four-hour celebration, festival, carnival, and hipster honeytrap. The location is stunning: artists perform across a glistening blue river bordered by palm trees. The partygoers are vibrant, dressed in funky swimsuits and feather headpieces, and fond of spontaneous processions.

Vive Latino

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Vive Latino, possibly the most prominent Spanish-language rock music event in the world, attracts Latin and Spanish musicians from all over the entire globe every year. Naturally, there is a strong Latino influence, but bands of all ethnicities and genres are happy to invite.