The Best Sounds Around

Audiobooks are the new books, and there are plenty of reasons why you should be listening to them instead of reading. With audiobook, you can […]

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Effective Practice of Musical Instruments

There are different tips and tricks that make our practice more effective and fun. In this video, learn to play instrument with effective practice of […]

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2022 Music in Child Development

The Importance of Songs in Childhood Development

Music activates all aspects of a child’s growth and academic achievement, such as intellectual functioning, interpersonal, engine, dialect, and as a whole knowledge. It helps promote the teamwork of the mind and body.

Initial music exposure aids children in understanding the noises and word meanings.


Infants and Music

Silent music in the background, especially during sleep time, could be comforting to infants. Just sang simple, brief music to babies. Help compensate either one two sentences regarding taking a bath, getting dressed, or ingesting to whisper to them as you perform these exercises.


Toddlers and Music

The key to toddler music is repetition, something that helps promote language acquisition and memorising. Young kids appreciate funny songs. Just sang a soothing melody while replacing a strange word for the right terminology, such as “Mary Had a Little Spider” for lamb. Allow the child to try to emulate rhythmic patterns by applauding or touching on things.


Preschoolers and Music

They appreciate music that recur phrases and instrumentals, use rhythmic patterns with a defined pulse, and request them to do tasks and take instruction. Rhymes and tunes about familiar ones such like toys, animal life, perform actions, and individuals are popular with preschoolers. They also actually appreciate fingerplays and nonsense wordplay, with or without music playing.


Schoolkids and Songs

School kids start expressing their preferences for various types of music. They could show an interest in arts education, including such children’s music classes.

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How To Increase YouTube Views

Want more YouTube views? You do, of course. You are a living, breathing being with a video to offer! It only makes sense.

Every single day, more than one billion hours of YouTube content are seen globally. Here’s how to make yourself stand out from the throng and attract some of those eyes.

Concentrate on a single market niche (and your ideal audience)

You should be very specific and ruthlessly careful about your objectives and the material that will help you achieve them if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your YouTube marketing plan.

You don’t make videos for everyone, after all. Your audience is the reason you’re here.

Do your homework to raise the search ranking of your video.

YouTube is a search engine in addition to being a social media site. YouTube SEO, or optimizing your videos for search, is another of the best methods for increasing views.

In other words, you want your movie to appear towards the top of YouTube’s results list when your ideal viewer types in your chosen keywords. You must therefore understand whether your audience is seeking amusement, inspiration, or tutorials.

Utilize metadata to be recommended following a well-liked video.

Take inspiration from the most well-liked videos in your niche if you want to increase your YouTube views.

Start by examining the most famous video from your main rival then buy youtube views.

Custom thumbnails will boost your views.

Thumbnails play a significant role in how potential viewers choose what to watch when they are in discovery mode and scanning through search results and recommendations.

Make playlists to increase your views.

The greatest strategy to reduce the likelihood that a visitor would switch to another channel after viewing your content is to organize and create video playlists on YouTube.

Why? Because playlists adhere to Netflix’s policy of starting the new video as soon as the previous one stops.

Utilize cards and end displays to direct viewers to your videos.
Other than playlists, the only options available to YouTubers to circumvent the algorithm and directly affect our audience’s next selection are cards and end screens.

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Why Most DJs Consider Music when Buying a House?

The real estate market is a little unpredictable and challenging, especially for millennials. Even though young adults are now the biggest generation, they struggle to afford homes. Experts predict it will take them 20 years to save up enough money and another five to secure the mortgage. 

This means that millennials have to consider all available options when looking for their new home. In this article, you’ll see why most DJs consider music when buying a house, and how this might be an important factor for future residency. 

DJ Equipment is Heavy and Takes Lots of Space

People who don’t work in the DJ industry may not realize how much heavy, expensive equipment DJs need. They need tables, turntables, speakers, microphones, and more. That means a typical home DJ setup can easily take up enough space for an average family to feel cramped.

If possible, DJs should look for a house with a dedicated room for their equipment. This isn’t always possible, though, especially in a tight housing market. If space is tight in a particular house, though, it may not be the best option for a DJ.

Houses with Good Acoustics are Important for DJs

DJs know those good acoustics are important in any venue.

For example, poor acoustics can make people feel too loud or make a speaker sound annoying. DJs know that acoustics are key to creating a great experience for their audiences. When acoustics are good, people feel more comfortable and less distracted

But beyond that, good acoustics make a house more appealing to DJs who want to host events there. All DJs want their guests to have a great experience, but DJs who specialize in weddings or large events want their events to go smoothly.

Houses That Meet Your Other Requirements Are Important Too

DJs need to consider more than acoustics when choosing a new house. They also need enough space for themselves and their guests, good lighting, and a kitchen that’s easy and comfortable to use. That’s why when they search for downtown Charlottesville houses for sale, they are very strict.

If a house has great acoustics but doesn’t have the rest of what a DJ needs, it’s not the right place. If a house has everything a DJ wants, but the acoustics are bad, it’s not the right place.

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How to Study Music Effectively and What You Need to Know

The pursuit of musical knowledge is fascinating but may often be overwhelming. There’s a lot to study and get good at, and it’s easy to feel like you’re not making any headway. Instead of giving up, think about how to maximize your practice time by adhering to a few simple guidelines. 

Guidelines in Studying Music Effectively

Play the parts you’re not as good at over and over again.

Your technique is flawed if it results in a pleasant sound. Practicing songs you already know very well is a common practice, but it doesn’t push you to improve. Spend a lot of time honing the skills you aren’t confident in. As such, you shouldn’t be practicing new songs from beginning to end. When practicing them, it’s best to do it in modest increments, even if it’s just a few measures at a time (for piano and some other instruments).

Take action even if you’re not in the mood.

The misconception that you need to be “in the mood” to create music is widespread. At that point, they hope to experience a surge of motivation to put in some practice time. In spite of your lack of enthusiasm, you must continue playing.

Consistent practice is preferable to intermittent “binging.”

Regular practice is superior to “binge” sessions. Many people, instead of practicing for an hour every day, try to fit six or seven hours’ worth of work into a single session after they’ve missed several days in a row. After that, they might wait a week before practicing again, and the cycle would continue indefinitely.

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Why You Need to Store Brass Instruments in Climate Controlled Storage Units

Choosing a self storage in which to keep your musical instrument is not just a matter of deciding on the size and the rental price the way most musicians do. One of the most overlooked musical instrument that gets stored for a long time is the brass instrument. Presumably because the right way to storing this musical  instrument can be a time-consuming activity.
Although it’s quite understandable that some cannot afford the more expensive climate-controlled self storage in Horsham, it’s important for them to keep in mind not to just store away and forget their seldomly used musical instruments. While Henfield Storage in Horsham offers a wide range of units that come in different sizes, they mostly come in climate-controlled enclosures.
After all, controlling the temperature and humidity inside a closed area helps ensure protection of your musical instruments against the negative effects of extremely warm or cold temperature. Such conditions often cause lack of moisture or create excessive moisture inside the storage room.
Brass instruments are quite expensive and its only through proper precautions like keeping them in a climate-controlled environment, will make such instruments last for generations. Although brass instruments are not as reactive to extreme changes in temperature, the greater concern is the accompanying humidity level.
High levels of moisture inside enclosed spaces create ideal conditions for bacterial growth that takes form as molds or mildew. Appearing as green stuff around slides and valves, they can prevent the instrument from functioning properly.
Humidity, which relates to water vapor that the air can no longer hold, becomes water that can cause erosion when it settles on brass materials.

Tips on How to Properly Store Brass Instruments

Brass Instruments like trumpets, saxophones, French horns and tuba, become susceptible to corrosion and molds when not properly stored climate-controlled spaces. Moreover, thoroughly cleaning the felt materials, cork and rubber components with a soft cloth after use and before storing the instrument can prevent the materials from crumbling and breaking down while in storage.
As additional protection it is best to place your brass instrument some levels away from the floor and away from windows, where the likely fluctuations in temperature and drafts could occur.
Yet it’s true that storing and caring for brass instruments is time consuming regardless of where you plan to store them. As most brass instruments are designed in such a way that components can be taken apart, you have to remove each slide and valve. That way you can clean, wipe dry and then store them individually in air tight bags.

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10 Tips for Marketing Your Music Online

Musician on laptop


We get countless links to Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and homepages of hopeful bands worldwide every day. Here are a few tips on how to make your music heard – not only in the tone spy.

No music editor anywhere can still listen to all the music that is sent to her by e-mail. You would need a huge team and no one would pay the time to listen to music anymore. The principles of the past no longer work in online music media. Today, advertising budgets are no longer sufficient to refinance umpteen permanent editors, as was the case in the 90s.

In this respect, we have to adapt to a new situation and rethink online promotion. One way is via Reddit which is worth a try. Unless you might want to focus on other platforms and need to hit delete account.

The following tips can help to make your music heard (this also applies to labels) and conquer your fans online.

1. Be realistic

Let’s not kid ourselves: the Internet is full of music. On the Internet, you measure yourself against the whole world. When there was hardly any music to listen to online, today we no longer fill a gap but pick out the best we can find. Your music is one of them? Then please read on. Otherwise: off to the rehearsal room and practice.

2. Think global, act local

It is a myth that artists today become “discovered” and famous overnight. There are no longer three television channels where you could start a great career with a single appearance until the 80s. The rule today is that you first have to make a name for yourself in your own city or region in order to become interesting to the media. Some also manage to do this via social networks or Youtube, but it often just takes luck.

Those who are really exceptionally good will sooner or later prevail and will find open ears everywhere. And also collects the necessary tools to survive in the tough music business. So: first convince your immediate environment of your talent and do not wait to be “discovered” by chance. That’s not going to happen!

Of course, there are also the Mark Forsters and Tim Bendzkos in the music world, who prevail because of their extreme mediocrity and harmlessness, a quality that is in great demand, especially in mainstream radio. If that’s your goal, you should contact a major record company directly and have a few hits in your luggage.

3. Promote your music on blogs on the net

You already have your city under control? Great, then you have a corresponding confirmation to try it in the www and make yourself heard there. The provider Submithub enables bands and labels to send their music to selected blogs (also to us!) and to receive constructive feedback.

Of course, you won’t reach an audience of millions via blogs, but you can use the feedback for your press work and on your homepage. It’s an honor when someone takes the time to write about you! Blogs can only do that for very few artists. You can also reach us on Submithub.

4. If you notice, be different

With Submithub (as in real life), you only have about 10 seconds to make a first impression. But most bands sound similar to many other bands and therefore immediately fall through the sieve. The most common reason why we reject music is lack of originality. Therefore very important: be different and be immediately recognizable. This is the only way to stay in the memory of the media and fans.

If you don’t know a band yet, pictures also help to know who you’re dealing with. After all, we’re not here at The Voice of Germany. An original visual appearance helps enormously, especially at the beginning in the media world. Ask Sido, Cro or Daft Punk. But also musically, of course, a separate style should already be recognizable. Absolutely no one needs a copy of successful artists and has never led to a sustainable career.

5. Make your homepage your virtual home

Your homepage should be the linchpin of everything you do online! Maintain your homepage, and make it your virtual home with an attached fan club. Very important: your own homepage should only belong to you and not to companies like Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or anyone else. Remember MySpace? Level. Everything there is about your band should first be on your own homepage and only then on the various platforms.


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6. Unite

“Alone they make you in” Rio Reiser already knew. Not everyone who has the talent for music or songwriting has the talent to market themselves. As long as you can’t afford an experienced manager, find someone trustworthy from your circle of friends or team up with other bands and give each other feedback about your public relations and learn from each experience.
So: before you send anything to the press or a label, let someone at least read it briefly and preferably not your biggest fan, but someone who can judge it neutrally and with a professional eye.

7. Don’t send promo spam to media or blogs

Expensive press kits or vinyl are not useful for sampling, rather put the money into your equipment or posters. Fun Fact: Particularly unoriginal bands often stand out for their particularly expensive glossy press kits.

A singer-songwriter who is extremely successful today sent us his first demo with a few nice personal words, something you would much rather listen to than someone who turns the big wheel and already introduces himself as the successor to Coldplay.

But even unmotivated, generic mails with a link and null statements such as “listen to my music” should never be sent to magazines and blogs! No one has the time or desire to listen to any music indiscriminately.

What we actually need if we want to report on music is reasonable press material, bundled in a professional Dropbox press folder:

  1. A selection of photos for web (square or transverse 3:2), max. 1500px. Portrait is unsuitable for online!
  2. A 30-second video snippet for Instagram and Facebook (for Stories)
  3. A press release with all information (ready to print, informative, and without advertising formulations) and with the key facts as keywords
  4. if applicable, quotes from other media

Never send us high-resolution images to the mailbox! This is a waste of resources and loading time. If necessary, we are happy to download the images from Dropbox. Do not hide your press releases in such a way that we first have to register for them, unfortunately, we do not have time for that.

8. Maintain your mailing list more than your Facebook

So don’t just get your fans on your Facebook profile or Instagram, but ask them wherever possible for their address for your newsletter. This allows you to establish important contacts with people in the long term, whom you can reach directly by e-mail again and again. Even if Facebook or Instagram one day suffers the same fate as MySpace.

9. Respect your fans

Only real fans are relevant contacts, so don’t work with any purchased nonsense addresses or other tricks, but give your true fans everywhere the opportunity to voluntarily leave their e-mail address. At the concert, on your homepage, on Facebook. And then don’t spam them, but treat them with respect and really only send them messages if there is something important to report or hear. A tour, album, video, or new songs and free downloads on your homepage. Don’t forget to observe the rules of the new data protection regulation.

10. Learn to work with Fangates

A simple way to collect fan contacts is fangates: in exchange for an e-mail address, fans receive free goodies such as a free download or discounted tickets. Many stars have already grown their fanbase in this way, from Thom Yorke to Marilyn Manson to Cro. Especially for newcomers: Give your music away generously and wait until a need arises! There are numerous tools from Soundcloud, Bandcamp,, and recently BitTorrent. And then drum for it at your concerts, in music media, and on your pages on the net. As long as you don’t sell anything, your music has no monetary value. So: be generous!

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Cancerians as Musicians and Different Kinds of Music They Perform


Cancer is one of the most popular zodiac signs that people are born under. Cancer has a reputation for being very emotional, but they also have a reputation for being very loyal and trustworthy. Chiron in Cancer makes people born under the sign be deeply emotional which shows in their kind of music.

The Cancer zodiac sign means that you’re sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. You’re also known to be quite moody and introverted. You’re also someone who is extremely sympathetic, which means that you’ll always be there to help your loved ones through difficult times.

Cancer people are known for their nurturing nature and their ability to nurture others. This is why many Cancerian people make excellent nurses or doctors – because they would rather heal others than themselves.

Born in The Zodiac Cancer: Musical Ability And The Important Roles They Play

Zodiac Cancer is one of the most important stars in the 12-star system. It is also one of the most significant animals in Chinese culture.

Cancer people are born with a natural talent for music, and they have an instinctive understanding of music. They can play any instrument with ease, and they have a natural sense of rhythm.

Cancers are often skilled musicians, singers, and dancers. They are also very good at composing music and writing lyrics that touch people’s hearts. Being born under the sign of Cancer means you’re always looking for emotional fulfillment in your life!

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Musicians Born in The Zodiac Sign Cancer: June 24 and July 24

Let’s look at some musicians born under this zodiac sign and how they are represented through their music style. We will be looking at how these musicians use their music to express themselves and how they are able to connect with others through that expression.

Ariana Grande – Born on June 26, 1993

Ariana Grande is an American singer and actress. Grande has gained prominence from her appearances on the Nickelodeon television shows. She has also appeared in other shows such as Sam & Cat, Scream Queens (2015), The Way (2010), and Hairspray Live! (2016). She released her first studio album Yours Truly in 2013 which debuted at number 1 on US Billboard 200. Grande’s second album My Everything was released in 2014.

Oliver Tree – Born on June 29, 1993

Oliver Tree is a content writer for a digital agency. He is very passionate about the work that he does and loves to keep up with the latest trends in the field. He has been working as a content writer for over three years and has been able to write on various topics such as health, lifestyle, education, etc. His favorite part of his job is coming up with new ideas for fresh content.

Maggie Lindemann – Born on July 21, 1998

Maggie Lindemann is an American singer and social media sensation. She is also a model, actress, and YouTuber. Lindemann began her career as an internet personality when she was 12 years old by posting videos on Vine. She then started creating YouTube videos when she was 14 years old with the help of her older sister Emily who had been doing it for about two years before her younger sibling joined the platform in 2016.

Saweetie – Born on July 2, 1993

Saweetie is a rapper from Oakland, California. She is also a songwriter and entrepreneur. Saweetie has been rapping since she was 12 years old. She has been featured on songs with artists like Lil Yachty and G-Eazy. Saweetie released her debut album “High Maintenance” on May 3, 2018.

Bibi Bourelly – Born on July 14, 1994

Bibi Bourelly is an American singer-songwriter who released her debut single “Piece of my heart” in 2016. Bourelly was born on July 14, 1994, in Westchester County, New York. She attended the private school Rye Country Day School and later transferred to the public high school Scarsdale High School. She has a younger brother named Max.

She first started writing songs when she was 10 years old and began performing at open mic nights when she was 13 years old. In November 2015, Bourelly became an artist ambassador for the non-profit organization Girls Rock Camps which encourages girls to learn how to play instruments and form bands.

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How to Leverage Social Media for Musicians

Indie artist recording music at home


How do you use social media as a musician? Recently I received questions about this from my conservatory students.

Social media is no longer new. They are now indispensable in our daily lives. Websites, apps, web apps, search engines, communities, social music, social gaming, TV, and radio programs. Social media has penetrated all other layers of communication, such as traditional media, mass media, and offline events. Incidentally, we can also do pretty well without it for a day.

Social media marketing, or SMM, also became a big opportunity for musicians to promote their music online.


Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram are now considered ‘traditional’ social media.

I also consider YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud to be social media. For musicians, these are channels that you can no longer ignore.


That could be anything. Choose a medium because the people you want to reach are there.

If Facebook is the place to talk to them, then you build your audience there.

So be where your audience is. And keep in mind that it changes.


The development of social music (streaming) is still in the beginning. The changes are happening fast.

Social media play a very big role in this, that’s how the news is spread.


With all those channels, you have to make sure you don’t drown.

The trick is to filter. That is why there are sites that do curate. They filter for you.


If you want to reach people, you need something they can relate to. It’s not that complicated.

Timing is also important, so responding to current events can work well. Especially on Twitter, it is very much about news.

Just try and find your way in it. This way you will find your own tone of voice.


I started Twitter myself out of interest and love for the medium.

Follow nice people and watch that a bit.

They’re all people like you.

Share what you would like to read yourself.

You don’t have to become a professional copywriter. But when you write something, try to put yourself in the reader’s shoes.


Look at yourself (or your group) as a brand or a product. Then ask yourself what things are fun, interesting, entertaining, newsworthy, and distinctive to tell about.

Ask questions. How can you look at it? If you can’t figure it out, ask your biggest fans. They see, hear and say things that you would never think of yourself.

See the big picture, think of it as a big story, then divide it into pieces and then divide them over time. Then it is easy for others to understand and follow.

The more coherence there is in your stories, the stronger it comes across. For example, look at the success story of Caro Emerald. A strong concept.


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Just like texting, social media is not suitable for everything.

When it comes to emotional things, stop by or call.

The written word sometimes comes in hard.

I would also avoid too much breast-beating.

People decide for themselves what they think of something. So post whatever you would like to read yourself.

Personally, I especially enjoy posting, sharing, and starting conversations. I’m not so worried about target groups and objectives. I enjoy contact with (more or less) like-minded people.

Make sure you have something to say. And if in doubt: just start listening.

I assume that people who follow me find about the same interesting as I do. So that’s my criterion. I have nothing to do with the people who don’t follow me. That’s not what it’s for.

Being authentic is the most important thing. In the end, it’s about whether the other person recognizes himself in it. So if you tweet once that you’re looking for a room, everyone understands. But I wouldn’t do that every month.


Social media as a musician starts with: seeing yourself as a brand, and your work as products of your brand. Even if you’re a session musician.

A brand is much more than a product. Look at Queen or David Bowie. They are more than the sum of their oeuvre. The performer is also the source.

What’s going on in great artists when they make a new record?

A product is usually easy to oversee and you can put it on the market.

A musician is actually someone with different products. They give you your face.

You are not your product, although you can identify with it very strongly for a while. Nike is not one particular sneaker.

Seeing yourself as a product can work for a while, but as a brand, you have more of a long breath.


Too much is of course not good. Where is your own boundary? Chances are that your audience also has a boundary.

Make sure you have something to say or don’t do it.

On Facebook, one post a day is more than enough.

On Twitter, it’s no problem to repeat things.


Even if you determine the artistic part yourself, ultimately others determine your success.

I’m a big proponent of self-reflection. Occasionally look in the mirror.

Make sure your activities are in line with who you are and how you want to come across.

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Ways to Reset Apple Music on Library

Your favorite musical genres are requested when you initially join up for Apple Music. By doing this, it can make personalized custom playlists for you and make sure you hear less of the music you don’t like. This is incredibly effective, although it goes without saying that people’s musical preferences change over time.

What you enjoy today might not be your guilty pleasure tomorrow.

You would then need to restart Apple Music in order to add your new preferred genres. Below are the possible procedures to take.

How to Restart iPhone or iPad’s Apple Music Library

1. Tap your profile picture in the Listen Now tab to clear your Apple Music library on an iPhone or iPad. You might be prompted to log in.

2. Click “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select “Delete Profile” at the very bottom of your scroll. As this is irrevocable, make sure you are doing what you are supposed to.

How to Restart Mac’s Apple Music Collection

1. On a Mac, click on your profile image in the top right corner to start the process of resetting your Apple Music preferences. You might be prompted to log in.

2. There are two menus—an Edit button and a three-dot menu—on the far right side of the page. Select “Edit Profile” from the three-dot menu by clicking it. Your current musical tastes are saved in your profile.

3. You can delete your profile by clicking the red link on the left. Press that. Your profile and soundtracks will no more be visible to others when you select “Delete Profile“, losing all of your selections in the process. It would be like starting over from scratch.

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How to Find All of Your Music & Videos with VLC Media Player

What is a VLC Media Player and Why Use it?

VLC Media Player is a free and open-source media player that can play videos, music, and other multimedia files. It is a popular choice for those who want to watch or listen to their favorite content on their computers.

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players around the world. It can be used on any operating system including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more. VLC Media Player can also be downloaded from its official website.

You can also stream music and videos from VLC to Chromecast. InverseGeek has featured a How-To post on how to do this.

How to Open VLC Media Player

This guide will teach you how to open a VLC media player. VLC Media Player is a versatile and easy-to-use media player that can play most video, music, and audio formats.

  • Open Finder and go to Applications.
  • Find VLC Media Player in the list of applications and click on it.
  • Click on the “Open” button in the top left corner of the window that appears when you open VLC Media Player.

How to Find the Files on Your Computer in VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free and open-source multimedia player that supports various formats and codecs. It can be used to play DVDs, Blu-rays, streaming videos, audio CDs, etc. VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players in the world. It has been downloaded over 100 million times on all major platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. If you are looking for files on your computer using VLC Media Player then you can use some of these methods:

The following VLC commands can be used to open a file or folder:

  • “File > Open Video:” Opens the video file with VLC.
  • “File > Open Media Library:” Opens the media library. This will reveal any videos that have been added to your library and also allow you to access them from any other device on which you have VLC installed.
  • “File > Open Media:” Opens the video file with VLC using a media URL.
  • “File > Open Movie:” Opens the movies folder on your computer, which may contain several movie files in various formats.
  • “File > Open Media Library <<Extensions:>” If you want to find which files are saved on your computer that has a particular extension, an extension filter is available. This will show any media file with the given extensions.

How to Track Where Your Music & Videos are on Your Hard Drive

When you buy a new computer, it comes with a default music library and videos. These libraries are located on the hard drive but you can easily locate them by using a few simple steps.

  • Open the Start menu and select File Explorer
  • Navigate to This PC > Music > Music folder
  • You will see a list of folders with your music name in them.
  • Locate the folder that contains your music and open it to see where your music is stored on your hard drive.

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Where Can I Play My Audio Files?

When you are listening to a podcast, you can’t help but wonder, where is this file stored? Luckily for you, it’s not just on your computer. Podcasts are saved in the cloud and can be played from any device that has an internet connection.


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Push Music Through Instagram Marketing

You wrote a great song and now you want to get it out there. Then it comes down to successful marketing. Especially social media can help you with the seemingly endless stage of the internet.

Instagram marketing for artists and bands

First of all, it is important to understand that you do not make any money on Instagram yourself. The platform is more of a means to an end to generate attention, win new fans or enter into cooperation. With intelligent forwarding, for example to Spotify or the iTunes store, you can also convert your listeners’ enthusiasm into profits. With countless active user profiles, you can be sure that users from your genre will find and like your music. This is how you give your music a big stage on Instagram.

Of course, Instagram is rarely a stepping stone to the charts, but with proper use, the platform will be able to expand your relevance in the genre. Professionalism plays a crucial role here and should be apparent the first time you look at your profile. You should make this as individual as possible in order to be remembered by your fans.

buying Instagram likes

Targeted advertising for your music

To expand the potential of your Instagram marketing, you should also link your Instagram band profile to Facebook. This lets you design custom campaigns to draw attention to new songs or albums. If a musician is wanted, you are guaranteed to score points with an active campaign and will be recommended to the seekers. Therefore, pay close attention to the insights about your target group in the advertisement so that you address the right followers.

Tailor-made analyzes with the Instagram tools

The meaningful and detailed insights that can be called up will quickly tell you whether your posts are working. If you decide on an advertising campaign on Instagram, you will also receive many evaluations via the associated analysis tools. For example, you can see how many of the users who saw your campaign switched to your profile. The views of the associated videos and posts are also directly related to this. By buying Instagram likes, you can improve your social media status.

Even if the first campaign didn’t bring the desired results, you should stick to this strategy. It is not without reason that countless musicians trust Instagram to develop the right target group and become better known. Only in very few cases will you be able to achieve high profits with your first campaign. Stay tuned, tweak a few things, and make the next ad more relevant to your music.

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31 Perfect Gifts For Music Lovers


A good gift for musicians is a bit hard to find mainly because there is quite a lot of leeway between lovers of classical music, pop rock fans, or players of a particular musical instrument. To meet all these tastes, here you will find gifts for music enthusiasts around instruments, music symbols, original little things, and beautiful things.


A reference work full of diagrams and graphics, which presents history, theory, and terms and over 90 classical music pieces in an entertaining and exciting way.


With the most beautiful poems and thoughts, neat design, and fine paper, this hand-bound book is a great little gift.


This set of 4 coffee spoons with sheet music design can be given away individually. But also with new glasses, cups, or dessert bowls together I can imagine these decorative spoons well.


‘In the collection ‘Fascinating Manuscripts’ by PaperBlanks you will find this ingenious gift for fans. On the front of the beautiful notebook, you can see a part of the handwritten composition of the cantata BWV 112.


This small egg timer is simply boiled in the cooking water. Once the desired degree of hardness has been reached, one of three possible Beethoven melodies can be heard. The funny products from PiepEi in a beautifully designed cardboard box are available in umpteen variants for all musical flavors!


The large punched-out Beethoven greeting card comes with an envelope and an original sticker sheet so that you can decorate it individually and appropriately depending on the gift occasion.


A beautiful dishwasher-safe ceramic cup, which you have to have as an enthusiastic piano or keyboard player. Can be combined with delicatessen gifts!


In this set of 100 vinyl stickers, you get many rock music motifs, which you can hand over directly as a souvenir, use to fill an advent calendar, or which you can beautify pretty much any gift product.


Funny motif paper clips are always well received as an original souvenir. Here you get 11 brackets, which have been bent into the shape of a note symbol.


The enchanting stickers with motifs ‘All about music’ can be used to decorate and decorate journals, letters, cards, or gifts. A sweet souvenir for musicians who like to tinker.


The beautifully illustrated ceramic cup becomes a great gift for every music lover due to the monochrome clef design.


Sweet breakfast board with piano keys on it. A sweet gift that will sweeten the snack of every pianist!


Due to the beautiful presentation with quotations and the originally designed storage box, these ink rollers are wonderful to give away to all those who like to write by hand.


The classic gallows man game, in which you have to guess letters in the solution term, is in the No. 1 Hits Edition. Who guesses the most hits in German chart history before it’s too late?


The small decorative figures in this set made of polyresin are wonderfully suitable to make every musician a great pleasure.


The high porcelain cup with handle and English inscribed music illustrations is a great gift item for tea and coffee drinkers in British quality.


This beautiful switch with a great musical note motif is also available in many colorful variants, all of which are wonderfully suitable as a gift to music lovers.


Unusually designed women’s exchange with many inner compartments for cards, bills, and coins, which becomes a cool gift idea with the interesting piano key motif.


The beautiful keychain with a ring is just the right size and becomes a great souvenir for every music lover due to the iridescent design with headphones.


Very nice ceramic set of clay espresso cups and a matching coaster, both of which are allowed in the dishwasher.


The hook strip made of steel with sheet music contour is a really great decorative object for the wardrobe of every music lover.


These bowls for fruit, sweets, or jewelry are made from original LPs and are therefore really unique with retro charm for the music lover.


The beautiful ceramic cup for coffee or tea with sheet music design is available with a handle in the form of various instruments or shaped like a note so that you will find the right variant for every musician!


Funny 4-piece coaster set made of durable silicone in record design. Protects the table and delights the eye of every nostalgic music lover in an original way.


With this mini barrel organ, musicians can get creative and create their own pieces of music with pincers and paper strips in addition to the supplied ‘Happy Birthday’ melody.


Very decorative bottle basket in the form of a saxophone, which can also be used as a great decorative element without a bottle inside.


Beautiful large switch cloth, which becomes a great accessory for female musicians due to the sheet music print visible from both sides.


Very nicely crafted small decorative mirror with grooves and glue in the middle, which will visually enrich every musician’s household.


With these funny pencils in the form of drumsticks, the drum fan can turn his desk into a sound object. A funny little gimmick for drummers and big kids.


Designed as a small clef, the memory stick with 16 GB of storage space is just the right USB gadget for music lovers.


This wall clock made of vinyl with quartz movement and Pink Floyd motif is a great gift with an unusual look, which is available from the supplier with many other band motifs.

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Why should Towing Companies Throw Music Parties Sometimes?

Towing services have a lot of responsibilities. There are regulations to follow, customers to serve, and cars to drive. Towing companies like tow truck San Jose need to make sure they’re handling all of these responsibilities well.

Reasons Why Towing Companies should also Throw Music Parties

If you’re the manager of your local towing company, you might be wondering what more you can do to improve things. However, throwing a party is probably not the first thing that comes to mind if you want to improve your business. When it comes down to it, there are many benefits of throwing a music party as part of your company’s strategy.

Here are three reasons why throwing a music party can help your business grow and thrive.

You’ll Show Your Employees that You Care

One of the best reasons to throw a music event is to show your employees that you care. If your business is anything like many other businesses, you probably have a lot of stressed-out employees who aren’t being paid enough to deal with their stress.

When you have stressed-out employees, it’s really hard to get work done. If you want to improve your business, you need to find ways to relieve your employees’ stress levels. Music events allow your employees to let loose and have a good time.

You’ll Build Trust with Customers

Trust between businesses and customers is incredibly important. But what does this have to do with music events? Well, when you throw a music event, you’re not just throwing a party for your employees. You’re also throwing a party for your customers. When you throw a music party for your customers, you can foster the growth of trust between them and your company.

When they feel more connected to your company, they’re more likely to trust you and use your services.

It is also Good for Marketing

While you’re throwing a music event, you can also use it to market your towing company. You can post photos and videos of the event on social media. For example, if you’re hosting a DJ night, you can hand out flyers at the event. Finally, you can also use the music event as a way to promote your other marketing campaigns.

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Using Solo Ad Plus Tips for Music Email Marketing



You’re ready. Your demo is tip top in order, you have a number of fans behind you, and you are easy to find on the internet so you have something to offer. You open your laptop and start writing an email. The reason for your email could be anything. Maybe you want to promote your music or pique the interest of a record company. Or maybe you just want to contact a radio station for an interview. Anyway, you write an e-mail and want to achieve something with it. Writing an email that perfectly matches the recipient can be difficult. It should come across as short and sweet and arouse the reader’s interest in a few paragraphs. Aside from opting to buy solo ads traffic, here are a few practical tips to leverage email marketing to promote your music.

Ten points that should be reflected in your e-mail anyway

There are a number of points that should be reflected in your e-mail anyway. You can use this as a checklist. We have already listed them for you:

  1. Salutation: This can be done both formally and informally (Dear Sir/Madam … or: Dear … )
  2. Date: If you send a letter by post, you have to add it, but in the e-mail, it is of course already there automatically.
  3. Short biography/ introduction of yourself or your band: No more than a few lines.
  4. What you already have to offer as a music entrepreneur: How many fans do you already have? Have you released an album? Where did you perform? Do you have your own website or demos?
  5. Artist name and/or name of your band: This is best put at the bottom of the email.
  6. Your name and/or signature: Also at the bottom of your letter or e-mail.
  7. Your address, e-mail address, and possibly your logo
  8. Your telephone number and contact details
  9. Close your letter neatly: For example, think of; “Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response”
  10. Links to your website, youtube videos, Facebook page, etc.: Add these at the bottom of your e-mail and briefly state what it is exactly.

The tone of your letter

Once you have found an organization or person you want to contact, for example, a record company, a radio station, or perhaps a club, it is good to know what the organization itself radiates. Take a good look at the website of the person or organization. Read it carefully and calmly. Try to find out what tone they write in. Do the texts on their website come across as formal or informal? Then try to write the letter in a similar tone and adjust it accordingly.


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Introducing yourself

This may be the most challenging. It is advisable to keep your letter short and sweet so that the person who reads it will not drop out quickly. Therefore, use short sentences and do not write too long paragraphs. The shorter you can describe yourself or your band, the better it is. Major record companies receive about 100 demos a day. That is why it is important that your letter immediately stands out.

Describe in two or three sentences what you already have to offer as a music entrepreneur. Talk about your promotional activities, your website or your Facebook Page, your videos on Youtube, the albums you’ve already sold, or the shows and performances you’ve already done or booked. Think of anything a record label, club, or organization would find interesting. Don’t forget to tell us why your music is so unique. What makes your band so special? Why does the record company have to hire YOU? Or why does a radio station have to book YOU for an interview? It is therefore good to know what your originality is. Why is your music different from other people’s?

Attract attention

Many record companies, clubs, and studios are companies that focus on profit, so they should be able to see something in you. However, there are also plenty of smaller organizations and companies that are looking for original and unique talent. Therefore, make sure that you know exactly what kind of society or organization it is that you are contacting. Read the guidelines carefully before submitting demos, for example. Try to put extra emphasis on your originality and why you are so unique as a music entrepreneur. With creativity, you can go a long way!

Let someone else read your email

If the content of your letter is complete, it is of course wise to check your letter several times for language and spelling errors. Let someone else read it too. Ask how it comes across and try to see the criticism you get as constructive.

If you have sent your e-mail and you still have not received a reply after about a week, you can still make a call whether they have received the e-mail. If so, ask what they thought. With record companies, you have to be careful with this, because some do not want this. You can find all this on their website.

A negative answer is in any case an answer!

Maybe you don’t get an answer, or you get a negative answer. No problem! Just keep going! Many famous artists, artists, and authors have been rejected several times before they were discovered. If you get a negative answer, you could take it positively. In any case, they took the trouble to read through your letter, listen to your demo, and write you an email back! That doesn’t happen all the time and again; feedback can be seen as constructive criticism.

So dear music entrepreneurs, start your email today!


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How Music Change Your Mood?

Music can have a profound impact on our state of mind. It can lift you up when you’re feeling down, soothe your soul when you’re stressed, and even give you energy when you need it the most.

This blog post explores different ways that music can help change your mood and how to use songs as a tool to improve your state of mind. We go through the science behind why music has this effect on us and different ways music can help bring about positive changes in your life.

Why Music Can Change Your Mood?

Music can change your mood in many different ways. It can be used help you focus when you’re stressed, or give you the energy you need when you’re exhausted. There are many theories about why music can have this effect on us.

The most popular theory is that music activates our “reptile brain”. The reptile brain is what allows us to have basic survival functions like breathing, digesting food, and sleeping. When music is played, it is sent to the reptile brain. This means it can bypass the “cortex” (the part of the brain that allows us to think rationally). Because it goes straight to the reptile brain, it can instantly change the way we feel.

How Music Can Help During Tough Times?

When we’re going through a tough time, music can help us get through it.

It can help us process our emotions, offer support, and help us feel less alone. It can also help us get through our daily tasks more efficiently. Coping Music – Music can help us “work through” our emotions and process a difficult situation. Processing Music – While listening to music, you can replay the events of your day and process how you feel. It can help you understand what you’re feeling and why.

Studies Show Music Helps With Depression and Anxiety

Studies have shown that listening to music can help with depression and anxiety. In one study, a group of individuals was given an intervention that included listening to music for an hour every day. They found that the music group reported significantly less depression than the control group. Perhaps, if you are so inspired with music, you can share your creations on your social media and even expand its reach using SEO services Toronto.

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Third Party Streaming Host

One way to start an internet radio program is to host the channel through a third-party streaming. You should not have to worry as doing so may allow you to launch using free packages. Another thing to do is to broaden your audience. To cater that kind of expansion, you may also try to incorporate more tools.

List of Music Streaming Host Tools

Here are some of the third-party streaming hosts that serve as a helpful tool for your internet radio program.


This could be a fantastic spot to launch your program if you’re seeking for a built-in audience. They provide a free trial as well as individual and career broadcasting subscriptions, allowing your radio station to expand over time.


This third-party website’s setup is so straightforward that you’ll be fully functional in less about an hour. They have packages ranging from free to professional.

Stream Guys

This provider helps to give better streaming options, including software that works seamlessly to mobile devices. If you want to expand your video streaming capabilities, they also provide that option.

Radio Streaming Services

Stream directly to the Internet from your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system is built on a Cirrus Player, and they have the most up-to-date mobile streaming technology.


They provide two systems, one of which is geared toward international audiences.

Broadcasting is a cinch because to the user-friendly internet interface.

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Music Festivals Worth Going

Music festivals have exploded in popularity over the last 20 years, providing us music fans with yet another reality to explore. Our world has gone from a few festivals per year to one every weekend during the season. We dwell in such a vibrant era, brimming with talent and imagination.

Regardless if you are an adventurous explorer, a free-spirited traveler, or a Spring Breaker looking for a good time, there are events all around the world that will deliver good and greatest music.

Amazing Music Festivals to Go To

Here is the list of some biggest music events that you must attend.

Splendor in the Grass

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

Splendor in the Grass has become something of an Australian institution after nearly two decades. Thirty thousand people visit North Byron Highlands every year for three days of great music (which include big-name performances), art, and camping. The venue itself is large, with some stages being 20 minutes apart.


Location: Cuautla, Mexico

People, Bahidorá is a twenty-four-hour celebration, festival, carnival, and hipster honeytrap. The location is stunning: artists perform across a glistening blue river bordered by palm trees. The partygoers are vibrant, dressed in funky swimsuits and feather headpieces, and fond of spontaneous processions.

Vive Latino

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Vive Latino, possibly the most prominent Spanish-language rock music event in the world, attracts Latin and Spanish musicians from all over the entire globe every year. Naturally, there is a strong Latino influence, but bands of all ethnicities and genres are happy to invite.

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How to Promote Music Through Pens

Pen marketing is a promotional product that has been around for decades. It is a simple and effective way to promote your company or brand and even your music. At Zeev website, there are various branded pens (עטים ממותגים). These pens are advertising products of companies and artists who are looking to let their music known.

Today, there are so many different uses of pen marketing that it can be quite difficult to know where to start. Some common uses include:

– Promotional items such as pens, notepads, and water bottles;

– Marketing materials such as posters and brochures;

– A way for companies to engage their customers and employees through simple giveaways.

Music Marketing: Pens Help Companies Promote Music

Pens are a great and cost-effective way for companies to promote their products. Pens can be used in marketing, advertising, and branding.

With the help of pens, companies can easily promote their products or services. Pens are a great way to get people’s attention because they have been around for centuries and have been used as an effective tool in advertising campaigns.

How Pens Are the Perfect Choice for Music Promotion

Pens have been used for promotional purposes for decades. They are the perfect choice for musicians and artists because they can be customized with their own artwork or logo.

Pens are a versatile promotional product that can be used in multiple ways. They are also cheap and easy to ship. Artists can use pens to promote their music, album, or song by giving them away with their merchandise and tickets.

Music promotion is an important part of any artist’s marketing strategy. Artists should consider using promotional products made of pens and paper as part of their marketing plan to reach a wider audience and get more fans.

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Music Branding Through a Pen That’s Not a Pen

A pen with a logo on it is a great promotional item to give out at events, conferences, and trade shows. It is also great for giveaways at concerts and other live events.

Branded pens are an inexpensive way to spread your brand name. They can be used as giveaways in the office or as gifts for clients, partners, and employees. These pens are also popular with artists who want to promote their work or upcoming shows.

A branded pen is a cheap way to spread your brand name while giving out promotional items at events like trade shows or concerts. These pens are also popular with artists who want to promote their work or upcoming shows

Tips For Promoting Your Songs through Pens

The best way to promote your songs is by using pens as a promotional tool. Pens are a great way to create and share your music with the world.

Pens are an affordable and easy-to-use promotional tool that you can use to show off your music. They’re also great for social media posting, event giveaways, and more!

Some tips for using pens as a promo tool

– Choose the right pen for your style of music: Tinted pens work well with black ink, while metallic pens work well with gold ink.

– Write about what makes you different from other artists: Some artists write about their passion for their craft, while others write about how they’ve been able to overcome obstacles in their life. .

– Use a pen that can be personalized with your logo: This will make it more personal and memorable, as well as allowing you to give away pens to friends and fans!

– Keep a stock of pens on hand: It’s always good to have extras so you’re not caught without one at the last minute.

Conclusion: Use Pen Marketing to Promote Your Songs

Pen marketing is a new and emerging trend in the music industry. It is a strategy that uses the power of social media to promote your songs in a creative way.

The idea is simple: Take your song, upload it on different platforms like Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and share it with your fans using social media. The goal of this strategy is to generate more engagement with your music by making it more accessible to people.

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Car Wraps: Moving Musical Instruments

If an instrument is damaged or even broken on the way to the gig, it can be really bitter. In addition to the safety of your gear, there are other aspects that you should consider when transporting it.

Car wraps long island: Pack your equipment safely

If you want to have fun with your equipment for a long time and want to make sure that everything still works when you arrive at a show, you should secure your equipment accordingly during transport. Soft and hard versions of transport protection are available for instruments. Just like you protect your vehicle with car wraps long island, you must move your musical instruments safely on the road.

Bags and cases for musical instruments

car wraps long island

Bags undeniably have certain advantages. Not only are they usually cheaper than good suitcases and flight cases, but they are also lighter, easier to stow away and, thanks to shoulder straps, easy to transport. This is particularly useful if you are travelling by public transport. They also offer a lot in terms of protection. High-quality gig bags are well padded, additionally reinforced in particularly stressed areas and protect against the weather. This means that they are completely sufficient if you transport your instrument yourself, as long as there is no risk of getting caught between other heavy equipment and being exposed to strong impacts.

With heavy loads, a bag can no longer offer sufficient protection. You should urgently think about sturdy cases or even more robust flight cases.

Pedalboards, which in turn are packed in bags or cases, not only offer good protection for your pedals and the cables connected to them. They can also greatly simplify the construction.

The following applies to drummers. For transport, you should always unscrew the cymbals and put them in a cymbal bag or a cymbal case. A bag or case provided for this purpose is also recommended for the hardware. With a blanket, you can also prevent the hardware from scratching each other. To protect the drums themselves, you can also buy special bags, suitcases or a flight case.

Take care of your safety, musical instruments and car wraps long island

Who doesn’t know this? The car is loaded to the roof with equipment, maybe one or the other band member is buried under the stuff. Of course, not only the safety of your instruments is important during transport, but also your own safety. So always make sure that you secure your instruments in the car accordingly.

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Why Are Music Clubs Important In Schools?

Music clubs are important because they provide a space for students to express themselves creatively and emotionally. They also offer a space for students to connect with others who share their interests in music. Music clubs can help students cope with mental health problems. The benefits of music clubs include:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved mental health
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Social integration

Music Clubs are important because they provide a space for students to express themselves creatively and emotionally. They also offer a space for students to connect with others who share their interests in music.

Music clubs have been proven to have a number of benefits for students. They help with their mental health, increase their grades, and provide them with a sense of community. Music clubs also teach kids how to work as a team and build social skills.

In addition to these benefits, music clubs can also help students learn how to handle difficult emotions in healthy ways. They can also help children develop a healthy relationship with the arts which will be beneficial for them in the future.

Music is Important for Well-being and Mental Health for Students

The importance of music in our lives is not just limited to a social and cultural level. It also has a profound effect on our mental health. Music can be used as an effective therapy for people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental disorders.

Music has the power to trigger emotions in the listener which can have a positive effect on their well-being. It also helps people distract themselves from the negative thoughts that lead to anxiety and depression. Music is a powerful way of expressing thoughts and emotions.

In 2018, the world’s most powerful music therapy was revealed in a study by the University of Montreal. The study found that people exposed to music for just 60 seconds were less anxious and had increased levels of happiness. After listening to their favorite songs, subjects showed increased moods and fewer anxiety-related symptoms. Music therapy has been shown to have a positive impact on symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Music Club Helps Students Release Tension From School Work

Students are regularly stressed. That’s why schools, in association with the Parents and Teachers Association, encourage clubs in schools. This is also the reason why schools use club management software like Campai for administrative purposes (vereinsverwaltung mitglieder). The software helps club associations to monitor and track the activities of each club and its members.

Drama clubs, sports clubs, the artists club, dance clubs, and music clubs in schools encourage students to be active and discover their talents and their likes. These clubs help students to fight depression and encourage intersocial relationships. It works as a support group for all students.

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How Music Affects People’s Mood?

Music generally supports the regulation of emotions. It can alter people’s moods and assist them in processing their emotions.

Several researchers conducted interviews with groups to learn why people listen to music. Participants in the study cover an individual’s age, background, and gender. Yet, they all cite the same reasons.

Music aids in reducing anxiety level

There’s plenty of evidence that music might help you relax in stressful situations. Here are some of the studies that showed how music affects one’s mood through various ways of listening to music.

Study #1:

A stroked person is more relaxed one hour after listening to music.

Study #2:

Music combined with natural noises can help people relax. Moreover, right after the receipt of music therapy, patients suffering from a serious illness also experience feel lesser anxiety.

Study #3:

Listening to music just before a stressful event does not assist in the faster recovery of your nervous system, instead, listening to relaxing music after a stressful event does.

Music alleviate the symptoms of depression

Listening to music, especially classical paired with jazz, has favorable benefits on depression symptoms. This resulted from a study conducted by board-certified music therapists across numerous sessions.

According to studies, listening to nostalgic melancholy music might exacerbate depressive symptoms. This will more likely happen if you tend to withdraw yourself from your social group. Perhaps unsurprising, yet crucial to know if you wish to employ music to combat the blues.

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The Philippine Arts Present Noli Me Tangere, The Opera

Noli Me Tangere, from the books to the stage. The operatic rendition of Noli Me Tangere is a superb effort of skilled Filipino performers that acclaims the impressive work of art of the Philippine National Hero – Jose Rizal. Applause to the National Artists, Felipe Padilla De Leon (for its music) and Guillermo Tolentino (for its libretto in Tagalog) for bringing the novel into life.

Noli Me Tangere – The Novel

The Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not), or “The Noli” in the Philippines, was the first significant creative writing of the Philippines ‘ resistance to Spanish colonialism. The novel is a love story in an ugly political setting, a history of dominance, pain, and killing. Read a summary of the novel from Noli Me Tangere Buod, Tauhan, Talasalitaan, Aral.

Written in 1887, Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere has grown to be well regarded as one of the great books ever published for the Philippines. Rizal’s Noli and its sequel El Felibusterismo became an inspiration to many Filipinos at that time that eventually led the reformists and the revolutionists to come together, to act as one to fight for the freedom of the Philippines.

Noli Me Tangere, The Opera

Noli Me Tangere, The Opera was first shown in 1957 at Far Eastern University, and in 1974, it made its debut at the prestigious Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). It was brought back to the stage in 1987, in 2017, and in 2019. J&S Production premiered the opera in New York City at the Kaye Playhouse in 2013 and made its way to Washington DC at the John F. Kennedy Center in 2014.

Noli Me Tangere hopes to ignite patronage from fellow Filipinos, to appreciate national music, and applaud fellow Filipino artists and performers. While this opera’s preparations were inspired by Traditional western classical music, it is mostly inspired by the Philippines’ kundiman. Thus giving the crowd a feeling of awareness that Filipinos have their own individuality – this individuality is beautiful, however, at times taken for granted.

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Noli Me Tangere, The Opera was able to touch one’s sentiments as the music narrates the sad fate of the characters – Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara. The show was outstanding. The stage design had been well thought of and the costumes clearly resembled the old Spanish era. The singers show mastery of their art as they touch the hearts of their audience. The music was exceptionally performed leaving the viewers in amazement after the performance.

Noli Me Tangere is a classic work of art that every Filipino shouldn’t miss. This is certainly a heritage that every Filipino ought to preserve.

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Apple Music into Android Phone

Apple Music’s next beta version is going out on Android, including an essential update to the widgets’ home screen and probably the name of Apple’s independent legendary genre app that is reliable on Primephonic.

Apple Music Improved Widgets

In such a long time frame, Apple Music owned two Android widgets. They’ve had their bulky padding at the border taken out in version 3.9, giving them chance to take up a lot screen/widget space. Upon scaling, the widget of the “Apple Music Player” is wider and taller, while “Apple Music Recently Played” gives more options. The grid that displays recent tracks comes handy in 32 and 31 sizes, having the upper half getting bigger as well.

The other big change is that both backgrounds of the widgets are now highly connected to the album artwork for the updated song. It converts back to the old red/pink tint when nothing is playing.

These widgets are present in beta and includes variations in visual flaws, including corners with sharp properties that vary depending on the setup. Before Apple Music 3.9 is released — probably in March with iOS 15.4 — this issue should be rectified.


Apple purchased Primephonic in August of last year to enhance its streaming service’s legendary music capabilities. Right after some time, the music app was shut down, and present members were transferred to Apple Music. This was until the new Apple app was up and coming in early 2022.

The Apple Music beta actually has a string that displays the word “Apple Classical” and the impending selection to open suitable music directly in the optimized service as the deadline is going near.

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Various Ways on Listening to Music

As technology progressively innovating and so does the music rapidly evolving. With that, there are plenty of options in determining music. And also, in connection to that, those music discovery tools also open ways on how people all over the world may listen to music.

Below are top ways on how individuals render their ears on their most preferred and favorite platform.

Ways on Listening to Music

Check these out and enjoy music based on your preference:


Survey reveals that listening to car radio is the most common way to listen to music. This comes to be true within four major markets such as Australia, Germany, US, and Great Britain.


Listeners, most likely in US, want more to listen through free music over the web as compared to those paid music apps. This also applies true for most Indonesian adults.


Listening to music via the use of portable radio also occupy a spot on the list. Portable radio streaming tends to be more popular within the German market.


Among the other ways of listening to music, British are more fond of using the online platforms to hear their fave music.


Most Australians love music listening by playing their CDs.

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6 benefits of music education


You may already know that a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and good exercise can have a positive impact on your health. But did you know that making music can make you feel better? Below are six positive effects of music.

# 1 Learning to make music builds confidence

It takes courage to start something new and learn new skills like Link Building agency. The same applies to making music. You may think it’s impossible at first, but as you practice and over time, you’ll find it easier and easier for you. Music is also more than a talent for a virtuoso musician, and as you continue to get better, you can be even more proud of yourself!

The study speaks for itself

The study shows that music lessons help to deal with criticism well. You learn to give feedback, but most importantly, you learn to accept criticism. Turning constructive feedback into positive change not only helps you improve your musical skills, but also helps you build confidence in every aspect of your life. Feedback shows that no one is perfect and you are often your own greatest critic!


# 2 Making music will improve your learning!

Music is about rhythm, scales, notes, chords, and structure. In particular, making music greatly improves your ability to think abstractly and analytically.

Music education also contributes to the promotion of short-term and long-term memory. When making music, it is important to remember chords, notes, and texts to recognize connections and rhythms. It also contributes to mental health and the vitality of the brain. Music lessons keep your memory sharp and your flexibility up to date.


#3 Music class trains social skills

Various studies show that collective music-making strengthens the group feeling and discipline. Group lessons require social skills, such as interaction and communication. You learn to trust others by working well together.

Music lessons can also help improve social skills for people with social problems. This way you not only learn how much fun it is to play an instrument, but you also gain confidence. Moreover, it is an effective way to get rid of loneliness, boredom, and conflict. Making music in this way regulates mood and at the same time creates a sense of belonging.


# 4 Music promotes discipline and concentration

Smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, getting your attention has never been more difficult.

For most people, focusing on something for more than a few minutes becomes even more distracting as it is constantly interrupted by glowing screens and beeping calls. Music lessons can help you focus. However, stress is also lurking, so it is important to train your attention.


# 5 Music Education Promotes Motor Skills

Playing musical instruments means strengthening muscles, balance, coordination, and fine motor skills.

Stringed instruments, percussion instruments, and pianos all need to be able to do different things with each hand at the same time. This is a great exercise to hone your coordination skills and is useful in many situations, including: In sports.

# 6 Music Education provides an alternative means of communication for people with disabilities.

Music education has been shown to be of great importance to people with autism, spasticity, or other physical or mental illness. Music acts as a means of expression and can make a difference by helping those around us better understand and understand them. They may find it difficult to express themselves in plain language, but through music, they can reveal aspects of themselves that would otherwise have been hidden.

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Loud Music’s Impact on Driving Performance

When driving your 2022 Honda Passport in tough terrain, you would rather want to turn down your loud music to help you concentrate on the rough terrain up ahead. Loud music can distract you.

Driving your car while listening to music might help you feel like you’re on top of the world. When a cop flashes his lights and pulls you over, though, you won’t feel that way. Many individuals are unaware that listening to loud music while driving is very hazardous, increasing the risk of driving recklessly and being involved in a vehicle accident.

Is it against the law to listen to loud music while driving?

The short answer is that it’s difficult. Although there is no national regulation, some counties and localities regard listening to loud music as dangerous driving, which is a traffic violation.

Each jurisdiction has its own view of what constitutes too loud music while driving. If the music can be noticed from 75 feet away, the motorist may obtain a penalty in certain regions. The distance is 50 feet in other cities.

Loud Music’s Impact on Driving Performance

The impacts of loud music on driving have been researched by researchers. Loud music slowed people’s response speeds, according to a Canadian study. People who were listening to loud music took 20% longer to accomplish mental and physical activities than those who were not listening to loud music, according to the research.

The pace of the music has an effect on the driver as well. Drivers who listened to music with a pace of 120 beats per minute were more inclined to drive recklessly, according to a research conducted by Warren Brodsky at Ben-Gurion University.

They were twice as likely to run a red light as those who listened to slower-tempo music, and they had twice many more accidents as those who listened to slower-tempo music.

In high-speed scenarios, impaired driving accidents are common. Loud music drivers have slower response times and are more prone to accelerate, making them very risky. The repercussions of driving while distracted by loud music may be disastrous.


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Modifying Spotify’s Streaming Quality

Do you have a Spotify app on your iPhone or Mac device? How does it going? Does it gives a better sound quality? If not, here’s good news for you, you can adjust the sound quality of your Spotify while you stream so that you may enjoy listening to better music!

How to Modify Spotify’s Streaming Quality

Sometimes, you just need to get your music on the go. You can reduce data usage by lowering audio quality so that it uses less of those expensive mobile networks! Check below for the step-by-step guide on how to do it:

On iPhone Device:

  1. Enter Spotify.
  2. Click on the setting icon.
  3. Scroll down and look for the Audio Quality. 
  4. Just below, search for the Wifi and for the Cellular streaming. You have generally three options to choose – (1) Low, (2) Normal, (3) High and (4) Automatic.

When you choose the Automatic, you are allowed to modify the quality of the audio no matter what is the strength of the signal. Moreover, for paid subscribers, there is a 5th option given which is called as the Very High.

On Mac Device:

  1. Get into Spotify.
  2. Look and click on Preferences.
  3. Press on the Audio Quality.
  4. Just below the Audio Quality, you will see there the Streaming Quality.
  5. Check and press the drop-down button located in the right corner of the screen.
  6. Select from the five options available – (1) Low, (2) Normal, (3) High, or (4) Automatic, and (5) Very High for Spotify’s paid subscribers.
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Common Methods of Starting a Mix

How do you start a mix? – A perfectly legitimate question. Some ponder it and try it out, some don’t waste thought about it and just do everything as usual. It turns out, however, that there are a few starting points that mixing engineers and producers like to pursue.

First of all, it is the case that in many productions the exact point at which editing ends and mixing begins cannot be made out correctly. Even if you use a to-do list or deadline to define a point in time at which all the clipping is over and the sound balance begins – inconsistencies are almost always noticeable in the mixing process. Sometimes they do that because they only step over the masking threshold after processing with EQ, dynamics, and, above all, faders.

Methods To Start A Mix

Bass drum as the first signal

The bass drum as the basis for the mix of an entire track is not only found in music genres in which the kick plays a major role, for example in hip-hop. One explanation for this can be that the instrument is one of the deepest and most energetic and the mix is ​​built up in the spectrum from the bottom up. At least at the beginning. Another explanation could be that the bass drum used to be on channel 1 at the analog console in music production and was recorded on track 1, especially in consoles with simple routing or via direct out on the tape machine – and as the first signal in the mix again on the first Sewer system Even more obvious is that live technicians have carried over the habit of starting the soundcheck with the kick drum into the studio and doing the mixdown.

The advantage of this type is obvious: an essential signal is used as the basis for the mix. But what follows then the snare? Or the bass? And one problem: once shaped as desired, this first signal is unlikely to stay that way. It has to be readjusted, again and again, be it in relation to bass drum/bass or in relation to the attack sound in relation to vocals, guitars, and the like.

Singing as the first signal

“The most important signal first!” – This is how you could explain this approach. And it seems plausible to first shape and polish the part of the music that gets the most attention, i.e. singing/vocals/rap, as needed. This is then the guideline on which all further signals are aligned.

At first glance, that sounds quite reasonable. And on the second too! However, the direction and signals of music have to be right. This is a practicable approach for singer-songwriter music, pop, hit, and hip-hop. The danger here, too, is that the vocal signal itself doesn’t have to sound so “good” and complete in order to work in a mix.

This addresses one of the main problems of the two previous methods: judging signals in the mix in solo mode for a mix is ​​actually a bit clumsy. The topic is definitely something for in-depth discussions among colleagues.

Main microphone as the first signal

Many productions are not recorded with the main microphone. If so, primarily for orchestral and choir productions, it makes sense to work on the stereo system first. If the recording has been done properly here, the mix requirements are quickly kept within narrow limits, and some recorded support microphones do not have to appear in the mix at all.

That seems far away in a rock/pop production? Well: This approach can be transferred, for example, to first starting with the overhead miking of a drum kit in order to mix the drum subgroup.

Overall Mix

Whether it really makes sense to process solo signals in a mix is ​​an open question. Another approach is to roughly create the complete mixture and work your way from a rough mix into the final product. The advantage: At first, the most essential, most important parameters are used, i.e. the level. Then the processing of the level curve by automation or dynamics processing or the setting of frequency-dependent levels (using filters and EQ) can follow. The nice thing about this method is that everything can always be heard in context. However, it is not for everyone to clear the chaos, especially with really complex productions, which quickly contain three-digit track counts. Accordingly, there is an exciting variation:

Main Signals

Instead of creating all the signals for the start of the mix, the basic stock does the same, for example, vocals, bass drum, bass, snare, guitar, and bass – without effects, duplications, background vocals, pads, effect signals, and the like. With this method, the essential parts of a mixture are processed and positioned to such an extent that the sound is balanced. Here, too, it is often noticed that some of the available signals are not necessary at all and only stick the mix together and make it non-transparent. Overall, this approach appears to be one of the most sensible.

Everything else

Of course, there are other approaches to starting with a mix. Did you get to know other methods? How and with what do you start?

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